About Us

Localpeople is an extensive network of local community sites developing rapidly across the UK. At present our reach casts over 100 areas in the South-West, London and the South East of England. The sites serve the local community by providing a space online where locals can freely interact and connect with each other about what’s important to them within their distinct neighbourhood.

Our network is for people to get together and discuss the issues affecting them locally. localpeople can help people find and communicate with others, be the first to know what is going on, search for local places and services, read and write news stories and share photos.

localpeople sites can be also used for social networking and as a discussion forum, focusing on the needs of the community, and drawing on the expertise of local people who are interested in using a free local forum to interact with one another.

localpeople is an opportunity for local business and website owners, local writers, bloggers, photographers, and organisers of societies and groups to become involved with the sites, suggest topics for discussion and help shape the debate.

If you are interested in taking part we’d love to hear from you.

To Discover


Local news, discussions and events, find out what's going on near you


To Communicate


Publish your stories, events and pictures and tell the community what you think


To Connect


Join groups, share opinions and be part of the conversation


To Promote


Advertise your business for a unique way to reach your local audience